Micro String Bikini

Nothing beats the experience of fabulous summer sunshine freely creeping into your skin through the minimal coverage provided by a micro string bikini. Along with maximum exposure to the sun’s glorious rays, this type of micro bikini also sets the spotlight on its wearer with its unique capacity of transforming any woman into a beach goddess.

Micro String Bikinis

Teeny bikinis

Micro string swimsuits are very small bikinis made with four tiny pieces of fabric intended to provide minimal coverage to the breasts and the groin area. With only strings connecting these pieces of fabric (two for the top and two for the bottom), this type of swimwear provides maximum exposure of your skin not only to the sun’s rays but also to everybody’s eyes and especially in hot bikini photos. Its minimal coverage provides a splendid celebration of the female anatomy, showing off the artistic curves of a woman’s body.

Itty bitty string bathing suits are uniquely suitable to any woman who has the guts to flaunt the gracious body that she has. Whatever bust and butt size you have, there surely is an appropriate tiny swimsuit for you. All you have to do is drop by your favorite swimwear shop, choose a color that best suits your skin tone, and make the most out of your summer feeling all hot and beautiful.

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Choosing the right swimwear

Just keep in mind that in choosing your swimwear size, you must be careful not to get one that’s either too tight or too loose so you could go about your beach holiday without feeling any discomfort. If you’re buying your first pair, the easiest way to find your swimwear size is by checking out swimsuits with the same size as your regular underweat. Most likely, your two-piece size is the same as the size of your panties, or probably a size higher.

Skimpy swimming outfits are usually used for maximum summer tanning and sun bathing. Since they provide minimal skin protection and coverage, they are ideal for those who want their tans even and superb. Women usually go for this type of bathing suit especially when they want to achieve that fabulous summer skin tone that they can flash even after their beach holiday.

Strolling the shores feeling all hot and sexy is a privilege that only barely-there bathing suits and other types of similarly skimpy swimsuits can provide. So while the heat is on and all the beach hotties are out to conquer the shores, get on your scanty outfit and grace the beach like a golden goddess should.