Sheer String Bikini

Double the dare for summer hotness, that’s the dual advantage of a sheer string bikini. Combining the skin revelation techniques of string bikinis and sheer bathing suits, this type of swimwear provides maximum exposure of the body through minimal skin coverage.

As a string swimsuit

Like all other string beachwear, sheer bathing suits are also made of very small pieces of fabric held together by thin strings. The bikini top usually has straps that can be tied at the back and around the neck or over the shoulders. The bottom, on the other hand, usually has straps that can be tied on the hip sides.

These swimsuits are among the most fashionable and flexible types of swimming attire. No wonder, they haven’t lost their place in the beach fashion industry. Because of their unique capacity to bring out the best out of a woman’s innate beauty, strappy two-pieces are among the most popular in the world of swimwear fashion. They are very suitable to almost any body type, effectively allowing all types of women to boost their sizzling beauty on summer holidays.

As a sheer piece

Consequently, like all other see-through bathing suits, such swimming outfits become totally transparent upon contact with water. It allows the naked eye to see through what the swimwear’s fabric pieces are supposed to cover. In a strappy beachwear’s case, it’s supposed to provide little coverage to the breasts, the butt, and the crotch area.

Especially made for those who have the confidence to dare and bare, sheer swimwear is popular among those who want to provide a “little tease” before the “show.” Usually made of very thin Lycra, nylon, or Lycra-nylon combination, these bathing suits look more like regular swimsuits when dry. But the secret is revealed once the pieces touch the water, since these types of materials become see-through when wet. Also, because of its nature, swimming apparel of this type are usually ideal for sunbathing and tanning.

Tips in wearing and taking care of skimpy garments

Since this type of garment is such a magnificent celebration of a female’s beautiful anatomy, give it utmost justice by wearing it with grace and confidence. Get rid of unsightly hair through a waxing treatment before getting on with your skimpy beachwear. Also, avoid swim apparel wear and tear by making sure to hand wash your two-piece immediately after use. Use mild soap or liquid detergent to avoid damaging the two-piece’s delicate fabric.